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15 Cheapest Cars to Insure

When buying a new vehicle, a good portion of the decision comes down to money. The final price a customer pays at the dealership isn’t the end of the financial story, either. Each vehicle has ongoing costs in things like fuel consumption, general maintenance and auto insurance. With so many cost variables, it can be tough for a consumer to know how make the best purchase for his or her wallet.

Fortunately, the folks at Insure.com have compiled a list of average insurance rates for over 1500 vehicles, allowing us to identify the most affordable vehicles when it comes to annual premiums. Rates were averaged from six major auto insurance companies, and based on a hypothetical 40-year-old male consumer with a clean driving record, good credit and a fairly reasonable daily commute of approximately 12 miles. The estimated annual premiums listed below may vary based on a given consumer’s background.

  1. Jeep Wrangler Sport ($1,134)
    Topping the list of cheapest premiums is the standard 4×4 Wrangler SUV.
  2. Jeep Patriot Sport, 2WD ($1,136)
    The Sport boasts a generally cheaper price than its Wrangler sibling with only a $2 estimated increase in insurance.
  3. Honda CR-V LX, AWD ($1,160)
    A compact SUV with a spacious interior, responsive steering and a fantastic fuel economy.
  4. Dodge Grand Caravan SE Plus ($1,162)
    A top-ranking minivan with features focused on creating cargo space, this affordable vehicle is a time-sensitive purchase, as it’s disappearing from the Dodge lineup after this year.
  5. Honda Odyssey LX ($1,163)
    A minivan with a top safety rating, smooth handling, and a cornucopia of base features like Pandora, Bluetooth and a rearview camera.
  6. Jeep Compass Sport, 2WD ($1,164)
    Less suited to off-roading than its Wrangler and Sport relatives, this is a front-wheel-drive vehicle with decent reviews.
  7. Subaru Outback 2.5i ($1,176)
  8. An all-wheel-drive vehicle with a roomy interior that’s perfect for outdoor adventures.
  9. Ford Edge SE, 2WD ($1,176)
    Comparable to the Honda CR-V LX, this mid-size crossover comfortably seats five.
  10. Smart Fortwo Pure ($1,186)
    A small, bare-bones, two-seater vehicle with options to add features like power windows, radio, and steering as needed.
  11. Ford Escape S, 2WD ($1,190)
    A best-selling crossover with fantastic standard features like power accessories, a six-speaker sound system and Sync voice command.
  12. Nissan Xterra X, 2WD ($1,200)
    A spacious, versatile SUV with an easy-to-clean-interior and a readiness for off-roading.
  13. Dodge Journey AVP ($1,201)
    This mid-size crossover comes at a great price with the “American Value Package.” This base model seats five, with an option to add two more seats.
  14. Buick Encore ($1,205)
    A sub-compact crossover with a luxurious feel, this vehicle is lightly larger than a standard hatchback and has seats for five.
  15. Chevrolet Spark LS, Manual ($1,206)
    An affordable four-door hatchback with great gas mileage and standard features like air conditioning, power windows and a four-speaker sound system.

Toyota Tacoma Access Cab, 2WD ($1,210)
A leader in the compact/midsize class, this durable two-door access cab pickup comes with air conditioning, manual transmission, and two rear seats.