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Trusted Benefits of Medical Insurance for Your Sarasota Cats and Dogs

Trupanion, Inc. was recently selected by MWI Veterinary Supply, Inc. (MWIV on NASDAQ) as a leading distributor of products for animal health throughout the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Medical insurance coverage for your dogs and cats through the Distinct Advantage Program allows you to have priority access to a network of trusted animal health providers of services and healthcare. This program was designed to reward and support the best customers of MWI and it includes a network of more than 300 Territory Managers to choose from for your services.


Darryl Rawlings, the CEO and Founder of Trupanion states, ““MWI is the nation’s premier distributor of animal health product and services, serving more than 20,000 customers in North America.  Since its founding in 1976, MWI has developed deep relationships with thousands of the nation’s leading animal hospitals.  We’re honored to be selected as their preferred provider of medical insurance for cats and dogs and look forward to leveraging MWI’s extensive network to deepen our relationships with Distinct Advantage Program members.  Our Territory Partners and Regional Directors will be working side by side with more than 300 MWI Territory Managers to educate member hospitals on the benefits of Trupanion’s medical insurance for cats and dogs.”


John Yamagata, the Director of National Accounts at MWI ascertains, “After our internal review of the leading companies in the space, we selected Trupanion as the best-in-class of the products on the market.  Helping our veterinary customers better understand the value proposition of proactively educating pet owners about medical insurance for their pets will benefit not only pets and veterinary hospitals, but also all companies that sell products and services to the profession.”


Trupanion’s founder is very casual and an ordinary person who wears t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops while his office dogs inspire him in providing pets to live a healthy and long life through excellent healthcare for them. The entire office has a pet-friendly theme where all employees are encouraged to take their pets to work with them and allow them to play in the lobby or lie in their cubicle on pet beds and blankets.

Pet owners can have peace of mind when purchasing pet insurance for their four-legged family members in knowing that they are covered for illnesses or accidents that may happen. It is of the utmost importance to ask the correct questions before securing a pet insurance policy.


The following questions can help you choose a pet insurance policy:

  • What are the available policy terms?
  • What is the maximum enrollment age of pets?
  • Are there waiting periods before coverage?
  • Is this program available if I am traveling out of state?
  • Do premiums increase as a pet ages or if I file a claim?
  • Can I use my veterinarian and does this cover checkups?
  • What is the monthly cost and deductibles for treatments?
  • Does routine care cover dental cleanings and vaccines?
  • How are referrals to a specialist handled?
  • Does this cover chronic illnesses?
  • What is the cancelation and renewal terms?

Trupanion is the 2nd largest pet medical insurance provider in North America with over 200,000 pets enrolled in the program. The revenue of Trupanion is expected to be approximately $117 million for the year of 2014.


Your veterinarian, family and friends with pets are excellent sources to ask their opinions on which is the best pet policy available to you and your pets.